Rooted in Mt. Juliet since the late 1960s, the Lineberrys are a third generation business. Today’s leader of the business, Mark Lineberry, has the company running strong with anticipated continued growth.

It all started in the late 1950’s, early 60’s when Mark’s grandfather and father were working for a cracker company day in and day out. In an effort to make a little extra money, they got an idea to start a side business. Purchasing clothing at wholesale and driving all over middle Tennessee selling it out of their car was an innovative idea in the 1960s. Unless you lived in a big city, there wasn’t a convenient way to buy clothing. No internet. No catalog shopping. No Walmart or Target.

This side business was very successful, so when the cracker company told them they couldn’t continue in their side business and remain employed by them, they left the cracker warehouse. While busting it hard on the street, Dewey decided to purchase property in Mt. Juliet and build their first warehouse. This was the building that was most recently the A+ Automotive facility. In addition to selling clothes, the family started selling custom vans, boats and campers out of what is now the ECS Lab Sciences buildings.

Mark joined the business in high school, working for his father when school wasn’t in session. After he graduated from Mt. Juliet High School in 1988, Mark attended Cumberland University for his undergraduate degree.  Following his undergrad, Mark received his law degree from Nashville School of Law. During his college days, the Lineberrys moved from selling clothes and cars to buying and managing apartment complexes and office buildings. Mark got heavily involved in managing these buildings during his college years.

During law school, Mark began taking a more active role in the business of Lineberry Properties. Purchasing and developing property around Mt. Juliet, middle Tennessee, and Kentucky. In 2012, a tornado came through Mt. Juliet and wiped out 13 buildings of Lineberry Properties. As frustrating as it was, this gave Mark an opportunity to begin rebuilding to meet today’s business needs.

Today Mark is responsible for overseeing the family’s real estate investments across the country and managing their relationships with many great businesses such as Starbucks, Dollar General, KFC, Taco Bell, Cracker Barrel, Logan’s Roadhouse, Carrabba’s, Advance Auto and CVS Pharmacy as well as many locally owned businesses. It was Mark who brought the new Starbucks to North Mt. Juliet and is currently overseeing construction of the new Krystal as well as planning a 3rd building on this site.

Plans for the future include brining Verizon Wireless into the old CarQuest white building next to Dominos pizza. Renovations for the building between Kroger and the Old Staggs Pharmacy (It’s About You Jewelry and Memories Consignment) to house a 24 hour vet will be happening soon. Renovating the old A+ Automotive building for new and upcoming business.

Mark says his hope for the future of Mt. Juliet is that they would open up Mt. Juliet Rd to go North, creating a bypass to Benders Ferry and Nonaville Rd. It would open up thousands of acres of land and give direct access to interstate which will relieve congestion on Mt. Juliet Road.